At Home with Arkom: Joe's Journey to Arkom

Quinn: When you were little, what did you wanna be when you grew up?

Joe: Footballer. Standard.

Quinn: Where would you have played?

Joe: Attacking midfield.

Quinn: Nice, creative.Who was your role model? I always wanted to be Michael Owen.

Joe: I have a signed picture of him from 2001.

Quinn: I think I probably have the same one!

Joe: Probably Patrick Vieira.

Quinn: When did you become aware that you could do what you do now?

Joe: About a year ago! You’ll get why when we talk about it in a bit.

Quinn: And when did you think “that’s what I want to do”?

Joe: It came out of the blue to be honest, it was something that got offered.

Quinn: How did that come about then?

Joe: I’d just finished my Masters, and around December 2017, Sheffield Hallam offered Apprenticeships out. I took one at Whirlow Farm and one at Hallam Finance. So i was splitting my day week, 3 days up at Whirlow and 2 at Hallam. My days at Whirlow was getting data ready to upload to their new CRM system.

And who was doing Whirlow's CRM system? Arkom.

Quinn: Ha.

Joe: So it involved me having meetings with Al and Gaz, I came down here twice, numerous emails back and forth and speaking to them a lot around the CRM build. So I’d been in contact with them a lot during my 3 month internship.

I was still at Hallam Finance, and I get an email from Al one day saying can we have a meeting with you?

So I came down into the office, Gaz was sat here where I’m sat, Al was sat there and I got offered the job there and then!

All after a random email I got on a Monday afternoon saying can I come in for a general chat!

Joe Rooker now works as Arkom's SharePoint Specialist & 1st Line Support for CRMs. He still loves football and is pretty damn good at darts too.