Announced on 9th September at the KC stadium in Hull, Arkom picked up the award for our online 'Supportal', a unique system which allows our clients to notify the internet specialist about problems or amends to their site.

The 'Supportal' formalises the booking-in of jobs, removing the propensity for human error and giving clients confidence that their requests will be fulfilled within the agreed timeframe.

The 'Supportal' system was developed as part of Arkom's routine scrutiny into customer excellence and improving levels of service. We felt it was time to take a fresh look at their operating procedures and see if there was room for improvement.

Though Arkom had a number of customer focused initiatives in place when building new websites and systems, similar procedures had not yet been applied to after sales or ongoing support. Once they started to look at the best solution to this problem they realised they had an opportunity to develop a system which improved the efficiency of all at Arkom and offered extra benefits to both technical staff and clients.

In the 'Supportal', we're giving clients an assurance that each time they log a small job online it will be actioned within the agreed time frame. It gives them an accountable record of when the issue was raised and, within that, a promise of when it will be resolved. This is another demonstration of our commitment to customer care, ensuring our after sales and ongoing care is of an equal standard to our high quality project builds.

2005 has been an exceptional year for us so far. We're currently going through an unprecedented growth period and are developing an exciting new identity to take us into the future. We work with an array of small, medium and large companies, and this award is just the icing on the cake that tells us we are doing things right.

All too often creative agencies are focussed on fulfilling their clients’ briefs. We believe this award demonstrates what can be achieved if you stand back and take a good look at yourself, all we have done is applied our considerable technical skills to our own business and just look at the results.