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Microsoft SharePoint Development + Support

We have been providing CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 since 2011. As Microsoft's 365 platform has grown and matured, so have the groupware applications.

SharePoint Online is one such groupware application that compliments Dynamics 365 in so many ways. Over the years of developing and implementing CRM solutions for our clients, we have identified functionality that could be more effectivly implemented in SharePoint.

As SharePoint is now available within the 365 platform, Arkom has decided to make a strategic move to developing Intranet solutions based on SharePoint to enhance the aleady powerful solutions we develop in Dynamics 365.

Full Office 365 Support

Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint Online groupware applications are completly dependant on Office 365. Office 365 capabilities include exciting new applications like PowerApps, Flow, Yammer and document co-authoring; all of which work in conjunction within the totality of the 365 platform.

We are now offering full Office 365 support to allow you to make the most of these new applications aind integration functions.

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