Dynamics CRM 2013 is the latest in Microsoft's line of business class software. Dynamics CRM 2013 allows you to manage your customer centric activities of sales, marketing and customer services all from one place. This allows your business to deliver a truly world class customer experience galvanising customer loyalty and promoting new business opportunities. 

Last year Arkom developed a pay-as-you-go CRM’s which give all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 but without the high initial project and set up costs.

This year our product range has been refined offering two pay-as-you-go options delivering a flexible entry to your customer management solution.

Arkom CRM Essential

Designed for small businesses who need the full power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their Sales, Marketing and Customer Services functions.

  • Licence access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
  • Hosted by Microsoft managed by Arkom
  • Integration of your existing customer data
  • User training
  • Arkom CRM helpline support 

Arkom CRM Professional

For businesses who require the flexibility of form and field customisations. This is a fully managed service which gives up to 10 hours of customisation development every year.

  • Hosted by Microsoft managed by Arkom.
  • Integration of your existing customer data.
  • User training.
  • Arkom CRM helpline support.
  • 10 hours of customisations.

10 hour of customisations will give you a mix of –

  • 100 field Changes
  • 10 basic workflows
  • 10 email templates
  • 10 data views
  • 10 reports
  • 2 forms 


Arkom CRM is a flexible CRM solution that scales as your business grows. Arkom CRM Essential can be upgraded to Arkom CRM Professional and Professional can migrate to an Arkom CRM fully custom solution.
Additional user licences can be purchased with all the training and support benefits. 


For further information or to request a demo contact Arkom on 0844 375 0742